Still waiting!

Well, it's Sunday night - and that puts us a full day after the due date. And still, no sign of lil' Jake!

A friend of mine, who also works in politics, said that due dates are sort of like polling data - everything is plus or minus five!

So, Carrie and I spent Saturday getting outside a bit. The weather is beautiful, and it's probably going to be one of the last sunny days of the year -- and we'll be inside a lot with Jake in the early months. We went up to Sauvie Island, drove around all the farms up there, stopped at Kruger Farm and picked up some local organic veggies. Potter also got to get off-leash and chase the local organic geese. They weren't particularly interested in playing - and flew off amid much squawking.

We're very anxious to meet Jake - and I know y'all are too! I have this crazy idea that he's going to be born on election day (tuesday) but that's probably just wishful thinking!

We'll be sure to post a note here when he arrives (and we'll be sure to call family when we head to the hospital!)

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My money is on election day! Another friend of ours had her son on tax day, and her husband, his father, is an accountant. It's meant to be.

Posted by lang at November 5, 2007 02:07 PM

Yeah, that's what I was hoping for -- but no luck. Oh well.

If he makes it past tomorrow, Thursday, then his birthday won't ever be on election day. (Election, the first Tuesday after the first Monday, is always between 11/2 and 11/8.)

Which is probably a good thing. That way, his parents can give him all the attention he deserves on his birthday!

Posted by Kari Chisholm at November 7, 2007 06:55 PM

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